Engineering equipment and Technological process monitoring, SCADA integration
The use of INITI SOLO in MOEK PJSC, a united heat supply organization in Moscow, allowed the construction of a fault management system on a company-wide scale in a short time for IT and engineering equipment at one single system.
Monitoring of heterogeneous distributed communication networks
Monitoring of access network equipment for a number of macro-regional branches of Rostelecom was implemented on the basis of INITI SOLO. An end-to-end integration with the existing OSS systems (NRI and Service Desk) has been implemented. As a result of the implementation, we managed to achieve a significant load decrease on the first support line of the communications service provider.
Monitoring of IT, distributed networks equipment, data collection from specialized controllers and sensors
With the help of INITI solutions, a single integrated monitoring system has been implemented in Alrosa. It includes a wide range of equipment and technologies – IT equipment, network equipment, and process equipment. The use of a single system allowed to improve the quality of the technical support services and to respond to emergencies timely and proactively.