Engineering equipment and Technological process monitoring, SCADA integration
The use of INITI SOLO in MOEK PJSC, a united heat supply organization in Moscow, allowed the construction of a fault management system on a company-wide scale in a short time for IT and engineering equipment at one single system.
Monitoring of heterogeneous distributed communication networks
Monitoring of access network equipment for a number of macro-regional branches of Rostelecom was implemented on the basis of INITI SOLO. An end-to-end integration with the existing OSS systems (NRI and Service Desk) has been implemented. As a result of the implementation, we managed to achieve a significant load decrease on the first support line of the communications service provider.
Monitoring of IT, distributed networks equipment, data collection from specialized controllers and sensors
With the help of INITI solutions, a single integrated monitoring system has been implemented in Alrosa. It includes a wide range of equipment and technologies – IT equipment, network equipment, and process equipment. The use of a single system allowed to improve the quality of the technical support services and to respond to emergencies timely and proactively.

Universal Technologies

Unitech is a Russian provider of IT services, as well as a provider of a comprehensive range of services in the field of system integration. MAIN AREAS OF ACTIVITY: - IT consulting - Automation (implementation of corporate information systems and IT infrastructure control systems) - Information security (including optimization of corporate applications and Internet access control) - Data processing centers (including designing, construction and installation of DPC infrastructure, implementation of automatic DPC control systems) - Telecommunications (data transfer, establishment of data links, etc.) - Supply of hardware and software Our company has partnership relations with global hardware and software producers, which allows creating comprehensive solutions that combine the infrastructural part and automation of business processes. The company has a team of highly-skilled specialists with experience in implementing project with various complexity and knowledge of business processes in various fields.

RDC Vulkan

Efficient accomplishment of large-scale IT and IS tasks is the top priority of RDC Vulkan. The company’s activity is based on both conformance to standards and the best practice experience, which yields an optimum effect during implementation of projects. Recommendations of principal expert boards, power of hi-tech products from the industry leaders, the energy and expertise of the RDC Vulkan team are realized in the comprehensive solutions that ensure achievement of goals with maximum performance.


Comita Group of Companies is an alliance of Russian and European companies that combine intellectual and industrial potential in order to develop innovative system solutions in the field of telecommunications, process automation, metrology, security, energy efficiency, and industrial lighting. The companies of the Group offer a service package on a turn-key basis ranging from development of technical solutions, designing, production, and equipment supply to personnel training and maintenance.

Iskra Systems

Iskra Systems, CJSC has been a process equipment vendor and integrator of technology stacks in the field of communication, PCS and power engineering for over 20 years using equipment from top Russian, European and international brands.


Since its foundation in 2001, NAUMEN gained experience in execution of projects aimed at development and implementation of information systems in various sectors of the Russian economy. Among the current clients of the company are communications providers, banks, financial groups, metallurgy and heavy industry enterprises, trading and production holdings, government authorities, and state-run enterprises. NAUMEN has business associates in the IT industry in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Philippines.

NVision Group

NVision Group is a Russian developer and provider of information and communications solutions and services including those cloud-based. Operating in the IT market since 2001, the company has developed a range of technologies and industry solutions, as well as relevant expertise required to accelerate growth of commercial companies and government organizations.


T-Helper is a systems integrator, operating in the market of telecommunications solutions in Russia and abroad since 1993.


IFTB has been expertly implementing various information systems for five years already and has over 10 years of experience in implementation of large-scale IT solutions, as well as several dozens of successful projects.


Softline is a global provider of IT solutions and services in Russia, CIS, Latin America, India, and South-East Asia. The company offers comprehensive process solutions, software licensing, hardware, and a wide range of IT services. Softline has its own cloud platform that grants clients with the access to public, private and hybrid cloud-based solutions.


2TEST is a Russian developer, provider and integrator of telecommunication, instrumentation and infrastructure solutions. Over 20 years of successful operation.

Mobile Service

A leading systems integrator in the Republic of Belarus.